We partner with global industry leaders to deliver the latest thinking, innovation and research. We help apply findings of research to improve our client’s competitive advantage. Here are some examples:

Client Engagement

Recent research on buying behaviours suggests an increasing number of people and roles are involved in a decision to but in 2015. The result for salespeople include longer sales cycles and dealing with more Buying Influences. The flip side however is account retention rates have increased! Here are some recent articles on best practices and other research on Client Engagement.


Sales models continue to evolve and differentiation through insightful customer conversations has increasingly become a source of competitive advantage. These articles provide a range of perspectives on sales in 2015.

Talent Management

Since the last GFC, retaining and developing talent has become a strategic issue for virtually any organisation. The critical role of managers in helping people explore their potential is a never ending story. Have a look at this research and opinion pieces.

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Engagement
The War for Talent
The Leaders Guide to Successful Team Buildin
The Powerful Act of Coaching Employee

Leadership & Coaching

The articles I have provided are intended to help most readers by hitting some key issues with meaningful conclusions rather than surfing the net. I have access to extensive research so please don’t hesitate to ask!