Measuring Performance

Talent Management

Recent studies show that traditional employment processes involve a 26% statistical accuracy in selecting a candidate or promoting an employee.
Business surveys also indicate that that typically the performance of 25% of employees in a business is inadequate.

We provide services to create objective data that is used by clients to recruit, retain and develop talent, including:

High Performance Role Benchmarks

We help clients profile their top performers to understand their “hard-wiring” that makes them so successful in their roles.

The High Performance Role Benchmarks deliver objective data that can be used to assess and improve performance of other individuals in the organisation. The following Table illustrates the critical success factors that define high levels of performance.


JobFit Assessments

Profiles International’s assessment measure the match or “fit” of an individual for the physical, emotional and skill requirements required to be successful in a particular role.

The statistical accuracy of these assessments is 81% compared to a 26% likelihood of an accurate employment decision by assessment through resume and interview. Benefits include:

  • Reduced costs of poor hiring decisions
  • Increased individual and team performance
  • Increased employee engagement levels and improved customer service levels
  • Increased management “people and team management skills” and management confidence to effectively deal with the day-today challenges posed by their direct reports.

Reports are automatically generated for coaching between manager and team member, as illustrated:

sales report

Sales Capabilities

This assessment tool builds on High Performance Role Benchmarks and JobFit assessments by also providing assessment of the unique skills required for sales related activities, i.e.

  1. Prospecting
  2. Closing the Sale
  3. Call reluctance
  4. Self-starting
  5. Working as a team
  6. Building and maintaining Relationships
  7. Compensation preference

Sales managers are providing coaching recommendations to improve performance for salespeople in these critical sales success factors.

Team Assessments

Team assessments help organisations diagnose and improve performance at a team level. There are a number of outputs, including what motivates individual team members as illustrated.