Measuring Performance

Leadership & Coaching

Front line sales managers, and similar positions, are at the heart of an organisation’s success. These leaders – from mid-managers to executive level need effective skills to propel your organisation to new heights.

Our services include:

Employee Engagement Surveys

Every organisation is different and therefore every survey we create is fully customised so that our client’s stated outcomes are achieved. Importantly we focus on identifying the critical initiatives that would best contribute to increased employee engagement, individual and team performance, profitability and customer service levels.

The question we ask all clients that are intending to conduct an Employee Engagement Assessment is, quite simply, “What are the four killer questions you want answered from a survey?”. Once we have these stated objectives our team build a survey to deliver the results.

The templated assessments we provide can be customised to suit your requirements.

360 Degree Leadership Development Surveys

The 360 Leadership Development Survey is an annual evaluation of a leader/manager’s performance in the areas of leadership, people management and execution.

By measuring and comparing the perceptions of the leader/manager, their manager, peers and direct reports, we provide the information to develop a “Self Development Action Plan”. This will assist the leader/ manager to improve their leadership skills, becoming a more confident and courageous people manager.

Surveys are fully customised to meet each client’s specific requirements, including measuring whether employees are living the stated Values of their organisation.

180 Degree survey capability is also available.

Manager Coaching Assessments

This coaching/management report provides tailored coaching suggestions which help ensure that the manager tailors their treatment of direct reports appropriately, and in doing so ensures the highest possible productivity and positive employee relations.

By dramatically improving the manager/supervisor’s people management skills, employee satisfaction, employee engagement and high performer retention rates will all benefit.

Team Assessments

Team assessments help organisations diagnose and improve performance at a team level. There are a number of outputs, including what motivates individual team members as illustrated.