Building a private business in Australia can be satisfying but also challenging for the business owner(s).

Competitive advantage is an essential, but often an elusive and hard-won, element of the business world. Competitive advantage is a function of either providing comparable buyer value more efficiently than competitors (low cost), or performing activities at comparable cost but in unique ways that create more buyer value than competitors and, hence, command a premium price (differentiation) (The Economist, Aug 4th 2008).

What is required to earn the confidence and partnership with clients for them to value their relationship with your business, compared to other competitors? We know that building competitive advantage involves management of many competing forces that require determination and discipline by teams of people who are aligned, understand the evolving needs of their clients and industries and can engage through insight, clarity of purpose and constant discipline .

For decades, differentiation was perceived through the eyes of feature, advantage and benefit. Service became the next battleground by making clients more successful through the use of our products or services.

Differentiation through a product or service can still be achieved, but only when the product or service is genuinely unique. These days, differentiation and customer value are also created it the way we engage with the client or prospect.

Business Challenges

A number of fundamentals are necessary to drive this determination and discipline. We see our role as an external advisor and confidante where we act as a private sounding board, provide objective analysis and support and deliver external skills and resources to ensure the business realises its full potential, including:

  • Employing, retaining and developing the right talent, including top performing leaders and managers
  • Deploying the best people skills to successfully grow the business
  • Communication and presentation skills to build strong relationships
  • Consistently applied sales and customer engagement processes to align your sales cycle with your client’s buying cycle
  • Performance that is objectively measured, enabling leading (as well as) lagging indicators and driven through an efficient and effective operating rhythm
  • Technology that enables the teams to increase not only their efficiency but also their effectiveness, collaboration and accountability
  • Ability for a business to play to its strengths, understand what has to improve and aligning the rest of the enterprise to achieve its business objectives
  • Adaptability, agile, dynamic processes and business fundamentals to enable the business to scale

Hunt Consultants was formed to help clients realise their full potential by building build competitive advantage and evolving their teams, processes and management in critical disciplines such as:

  • Strategy
  • Building cash and managing financial resources
  • The right people, collaboration, accountability and culture
  • Execution through operating rhythms, teamwork and discipline
  • Sales, marketing, social selling and customer experience
  • Negotiation skills, internal and external
  • People skills
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Consistently applied sales & customer processes and measurable performance
  • Talent Management, to retain and develop top performers through objective measurement and coaching
  • Leadership and Coaching, by developing leaders who engage and inspire their teams
  • Building a high performance customer centric culture

Building Competitive Advantage: Analysis, Strategy & Execution

We utilise a variety of diagnostic models to assess how competitive advantage is as a function of either providing comparable buyer value more efficiently than competitors (low cost), or performing activities at comparable cost but in unique ways that create more buyer value than competitors and, hence, command a premium price (differentiation).

We start by building an understanding of an organisation’s business objectives in the next 12-24 months and what issues, challenges and opportunities the business faces in achieving these objectives.

We then apply Dale Carnegie’s principles in determining best opportunities to build competitive advantage and drive growth.

Sales & Customer Engagement Process

We help clients build and operate business-wide sales and customer engagement processes and capabilities that enablement measurement, analysis and improvement.

We work with clients to allocate scare resources to sales, business development and customer related activities where we shift the focus from lagging to leading indicators.

Retaining & Growing Customer Relationships

We help clients plan for and deliver differentiation, targeted levels of client value and outstanding results that grow long term profitable customer relationships.

Building a High Performance Customer Centric Culture

We help clients attract, retain and develop top performing talent which achieves reduced staff turnover, lower costs and significantly improved customer centric performance.

We help clients transform people and their business through Dale Carnegie training and consulting services.

We help our clients develop leaders and managers who engage and inspire their teams.

We help leaders and managers play to and grow their strengths to build a customer focused culture and realise the full potential of the business.