We Have Relationships and Dialogues with the Highest Executive Levels in Strategic Accounts

Published on June 8, 2016

MHI Global is just about to release the 2016 Sales Best Practices Study – a piece of continuous research that has been running for 14 years with data from over 35,000 respondents internationally.

This is one of a series of posts to discuss the Study’s findings in the Australia/New Zealand region – in this case, how well we are building high level relationships with our most important accounts.

The results aren’t that bad although 2015 was marginally better.


Large companies are becoming more difficult to service because of restructures, cost cutting and greater complexity. More people ae involved in buying decisions which are taking longer to make and they are increasingly risk averse. Finding the decision maker has got a lot more difficult.

The flip side however is that staying close to the right client people and creating value every time you do, increases account retention and profitability.

Understanding peer to peer relationships, the trends influencing your customer’s business and delivering your strengths to help clients convert on their opportunities are great ingredients for success.