The Power of Perspective – MHI Global

Published on March 7, 2016

The next step in customer engagement.  More and better informed customers who introduce the salesperson or client executive much later later in their buying process

The result for salespeople include longer sales cycles and dealing with more Buying Influences. The flip side however is account retention rates have increased! 

Sales models continue to evolve and differentiation through insightful customer conversations has increasingly become a source of competitive advantage. 

Since the last GFC, retaining and developing talent has become a strategic issue for virtually any organisation. The critical role of managers in helping people explore their potential is a never ending story. 

Leadership and Coaching are even more critical in 2016 for competitive client engagement.

Perspective selling has replaced solution selling which in turn replaced products/services selling in the decades through 1980 to now.

In 2016, we need to create value at every stage of the sales cycle or customer experience journey. Providing perspectives and insights create this value by helping customers assess their priorities and the benefits of change.

The Power if Perspective. Have a look………