Introducing Value Drivers

Published on February 10, 2016

Value over price. How and when does that happen?

I’ve been lucky enough to have been part of or lead teams where we have won the business at a (sometimes much) higher price than our competition.

When we asked our new client why they chose us, the most common response was something like “we felt comfortable with you guys”. Great! How illuminating!

Recently, when I read Neil Rackham’s research into the attributes of world class salespeople, I realised, at the time we were creating some quite powerful impacts.

This the first of a few posts to explore how these top performers achieved significantly greater success.

Through truly insightful client centric conversations (the ones where the client walked away saying “that was amazing”), world class sales people were able to help the client develop a new or different perspective. Neil Rackham’s team identified four value drivers.

The first is the Unrecognised Problem, “a state or source of difficulty that we need to resolve but we are not aware of…”. The top performers possessed the questioning skills to create value at the “intersection” of these insightful questions, their business acumen and industry knowledge.

Top performers took their quickly built rapport to create value by helping a client see an unrecognised problem. The conversations were about insight, not so much information, through pattern recognition, “the ability to assemble existing data in such a way that patterns emerge and problems, solutions and opportunities present themselves in clear forms”.

Here are some data points relevant to World Class Sales Organisations

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