Adequate Coaching Time and Impact on Quota Attainment

Published on June 8, 2016


Coaching seems to be an area of management that needs a lot of work in business, particularly in sales.

MHI Global has just released the 2016 Sales Best Practices Study – a piece of continuous research that has been running for 14 years with data from over 35,000 respondents internationally.

This is one of a series of posts to discuss the Study’s findings in the Australia/New Zealand region – in this case, the relationship between coaching and achieving budget.

The vast majority of clients I work with admit they could do a much better job on coaching their people. The problem is the time required and competing priorities.

The business case presented in this research is compelling.

  • 52.9% of respondents who disagreed with the statement “we spend adequate time coaching our sales people” and missed their quota
  • 56.7% of people who spent time on coaching exceeded their quota