Achieving World-Class Sales Performance

Published on March 7, 2016

For many successful organisations, growth has been the result of particular ignition points.

An ignition pint is a moment that defined their future success, such as a key win, a successful investment, acquisition or retention of a key client, retention or acquisition of great talent etc..

It can be really valuable to consider the impact of ignition points, past and future, in your business. What were, or can be, the moments that set future success. It may be in a company’s folk law, histories, values or individuals.

A moment of brilliance, some incredible luck, a person’s determination or the results of a combination of, previously not perceived, skills and talents

Where should we invest to get to a stage when these ignition points are achievable? How could we make this possible? How do we step outside the daily rigour to even conceive the possibilities?

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