Ability to Link Solutions to Stakeholder Needs

Published on June 3, 2016

Here’s a Challenge…


MHI Global is just about to release the 2016 Sales Best Practices Study – a piece of continuous research that has been running for 14 years with data from over 35,000 respondents internationally.

This is one of a series of posts to discuss the Study’s findings in the Australia/New Zealand region.

This statistic is bad news. When asked to rate their organisation’s ability to link their solutions to customer needs:

  • Globally, only 44% of respondents said yes
  • In Australia/New Zealand, only 35% said yes
  • 96% of World Class organisations said yes

Given these statistics, you have to wonder what the customers are hearing when trying to buy a B2B service – they can’t be very satisfied.

We all know how much better informed customers are these days, and that there are more people involved in the buying decision (up 25% from 2015) – just as well. Perhaps technology has closed the gap so the customer can create the right links to satisfy their needs.

These numbers indicate that there is an enormous amount of inefficient customer interactions because the selling organisation isn’t articulating their value proposition based on customer need.

If there is one area needed for improvement, it must be this – it would be a Win/Win for everyone!