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About Hunt Consultants

Established by Phil Hunt, Hunt Consultants delivers a team dedicated to their clients to realise their full business potential by delivering solutions that improve business performance and increase business revenues, profits and valuations.

Phil and his partners help clients drive competitive advantage, sales and customer related processes, talent management, people skills, communication and presentation skills, leadership and coaching to build sustainable business performance that results in larger, longer and more profitable client relationships.

About Phil Hunt

Phil Hunt initially spent 25 years building his knowledge of sales and service and talent management in the risk sector. Along the way he has been employed in executive roles by some of the world’s most successful risk and financial services groups to handle business worth billions. Marsh, Jardine Lloyd Thompson and Sedgwick have relied on Phil Hunt to ensure their major clients received world class account management and global service. Phil also lead multi-function bid teams to win many new clients – large or small, drive company-wide sales performance and build customer value propositions. Phil has had significant exposure to many industries in Australia.

From 2011 to 2018, Phil consulted for Miller Heiman Group,  a globally recognised sales and service consulting firm where he worked with a number of Australia’s leading sales organisations.

From 2012, Phil commenced his work in talent management in conjunction with Profiles International, a globally recognised leader in talent.

In 2020, Phil partnered with Dale Carnegie Inc., the global leader in people and organisational transformation.

It is his down-to-earth, practical approach that has allowed Phil Hunt to achieve outstanding results and build a consulting business in crucial related areas such as:

  • Building differentiated products, services and customer engagement
  • Diversification into new markets
  • Sales and customer engagement, by building customer focused top performing teams, consistently applied processes and improved performance measured through lead, and lag, indicators
  • Talent Management, to retain and develop top performers through objective measurement and coaching
  • People skills, to create more effective teams and organisations
  • Communication and presentation skills, to grow strong relationships
  • Leadership and Coaching, by enabling leaders and managers to play to the strengths and inspire their teams

Phil completed an MBA with Distinction at the University of Hull in the United Kingdom. This MBA program is a “systems thinking” under Hull’s Faculty of Science and is regarded as one of Europe’s top MBA programs.

Phil Hunt is highly regarded as a strategic thinker and implementer of real world solutions. He gets the required results for his clients. Phil consults throughout Australia, Asia, Europe and the United States.

The Company We Keep

Examples of our experience are illustrated in the client company logos:

Phil delivers perspectives by drawing on this experience to help clients build competitive advantage in Customer Experience, Sales, Talent Management and Leadership & Coaching.