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  • Customer focused high performing sales professionals
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  • Best practice customer management
  • Increased and more profitable revenues
  • Sales funnel accuracy and predictability

Hunt Consultants

Competitive Advantage in Client Management Excellence

Established by Phil Hunt, Hunt Consultants delivers a team dedicated to making their clients a success by delivering solutions in sales, client management, talent management and Leadership & Coaching that build competitive advantage for organisations.

Building Competitive Advantage


Our capabilities include:

  • Sales Training
  • Client Engagement
  • Talent Management
  • Leadership and Coaching

Measuring Performance

We deploy a range of capabilities that help clients achieve sales and customer excellence. The services can be delivered individually or as integrated solutions.

  • What we believe
  • Client Engagement
  • Sales
  • Talent Management
  • Leadership & Coaching


We partner with global industry leaders to deliver the latest thinking & innovation, methodologies and resources.

  • Client Engagement
  • Sales
  • Talent Management
  • Leadership & Coaching

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