We partner with global industry leaders to deliver the latest thinking & innovation, methodologies and resources to deliver solutions that help clients evolve their processes, people and sales/client engagement capabilities.

Sales and Client Engagement

MHI Global

MHI Global brought together the proven methodologies of the world’s most respected brands in sales performance, leadership and management, and customer experience.

Miller Heiman®, AchieveGlobal®, Huthwaite®, Impact Learning Systems®, and Channel Enablers® have merged and are now under one roof, providing organisations worldwide with an expanded, holistic approach for developing and managing, and sustaining, long-term customer relationships.

MHI Global:

  • Understands that everything begins with the customer.
  • Knows that the customers’ needs and wants should drive every discussion of how to improve performance.
  • Applies proven methodologies, processes, and tools that solve real-world challenges.
  • Accepts accountability for delivering measurable results.
  • Helps leaders consistently measure, manage and improve the key metrics important to them.
  • Provides best-in-class solutions from our sales performance, customer experience and leadership and management lines of business.
  • Offers access to all of the MHI Research Institutes’ proprietary resources and solutions.
  • Is a global, comprehensive source for consistent, scalable, end-to-end customer solutions.

MHI Global Systems

The MHI Global Sales System addresses every aspect of customer facing
excellence, through:

  • Customer at the centre of everything we do
  • Core methodologies that have been tried and tested in
  • Creating Opportunities
  • Management Opportunities
  • Managing Relationships
  • Resources and methodologies that support operations and enable ment, management execution
  • Strategic analysis from world class global research that enables perspective and assists decision making

CSO Insights has recently joined MHI Global.

CSO Insights benchmarks the challenges faced by today’s sales and marketing organisations and tracks trends in the use of people, process, technology and knowledge to improve sales effectiveness.

Research is the core of the business. Each year, thousands of Chief Sales Officers are surveyed to learn the challenges they see as most critical. We also review offerings from solution providers to retain our position as the experts on options for CSOs.

Numerous articles and presentations at major sales and marketing conferences share what these learnings.

CSO Insights has served sales and marketing executives for over 15 years by offering pragmatic suggestions, experienced-based examples and the kind of insights necessary for Executive Strategy or a Board meeting!

Talent Management

Profiles International & Peoplogica

Profiles International, and it’s Australian partner, Peoplogica, provide assessment solutions that help organisations select the right people for the right job and develop them to their full potential.

Profiles International assists clients throughout all phases of the employee life cycle to enhance the productivity and performance of individuals, teams, and organisations.

Employee assessment solutions help clients:

  • Screen out unsuitable candidates
  • Match employees to jobs that fit their inherent capabilities
  • Build high performer role benchmarks
  • Reduce costs associated with poor employment decisions
  • Improve on-boarding of new hires
  • Analyse and improve team performance

Leadership & Coaching

Accela, MHI Global & Gaining Outcomes

Accela provides professional skills and management training that supports talent development and high performance sales teams.

Using the Accela Hub, developed by GE Capital, we build performance measurement, organisational infrastructure and sustainability, enabling client with the systems they need to evolve high performing sales teams.

MHI Global helps companies by developing leaders who engage and inspire their teams. This in turn improves productivity and engagement that results in better collaboration and trust throughout the organisation.

Gaining Outcomes works with leaders to develop a positive, solution-focused mindset. Gaining Outcomes helps you clarify what you want to achieve as a leader and together develop strategies for success. The results are heightened confidence, increased productivity and improved quality of work.

MHI Global’s acquisition of Achieve Global means access to 43 Leadership and Management coaching modules across a range of sales and other management needs.