Measuring Performance


Lack of measurement in the “dark art” of sales limits leadership’s ability to drive change. Often, it can be too late in a financial year to see that targets will not be achieved.

We offer a range of tools that create objective data that measures sales performance, including:

Funnel Scorecard

Funnel ScoreCard® eliminates guesswork and helps salespeople pinpoint where they stand with each opportunity in the funnel. Additionally, this program facilitates win/loss reviews by using the scorecard to identify which criteria were met and what information remained unknown during the sales cycle. This allows organisations to recognize the contributing factors in a win or loss in order to apply best practices to future sales opportunities.

Funnel ScoreCard® supports organisations to:

  • Recognise where to allocate limited resources for the greatest return
  • Assess available information about the sales opportunity
  • Identify critical next steps to progress through the sales cycle
  • Facilitate win/loss reviews that improve future sales actions
  • Improve forecast accuracy

Sales Process Funnel

Recently introduced into the market, for the first time, management has a simple, accurate tool that provides them with a visual window into what is happening in salespeople’s individual funnels. By easily allowing sales managers to inspect what their salespeople are doing, the tool affords managers insight into which opportunities should be further explored and which should be ignored, resulting in an increase in overall funnel accuracy.

Sales Process Funnel assist in the following priorities:

  • Aid sales managers in becoming more effective at funnel reviews
  • Assist in coaching by enabling a “portfolio view” of a salesperson’s opportunities to consider opportunities for im proved selling behaviours
  • Help salespeople perform more successfully by focusing them on the selling activities that make the most sense, in the correct amounts, at the right time
  • Allow organisations to apply data analysis (analytics) to CRM in a meaningful way

Sales Performance Benchmarking

Sales Best Practices Benchmarking

MHI Global has developed multi-level benchmarking capability which is illustrated below:


If you would like to understand more on opportunities to benchmark your current performance please contact
Phil Hunt

CSO Insights

Recently acquired by MHI Global, CSO Insights is a market leading research firm that uses research metrics to reveal best practices in sales and marketing. This research shows where clients should focus your efforts.

A series of Benchmarks Reports can be accessed via the link: