Measuring Performance

Client Engagement

Objective measurement of capability and performance is at the heart of what we do. To helps clients understand their current position and prioritise their activities, we help drive business improvement through objective data.

These include:

  • Customer Satisfaction Assessments
  • Sales Performance Metre
  • Benchmarking & Gap Analysis

Customer Satisfaction Assessments

We provide fully customised customer surveys assessments, measure past and future customer service levels. The assessments deliver succinct guidance on the critical initiatives that will increase sales to existing clients by improving client engagement strategies.

Client engagement can be a competitive advantage for your organisation, including benefits such as:

  • Increased understanding of client need
  • Increased client retention rates
  • Support for building strengths and differentiating your business
  • Greater internal collaboration and teamwork
  • Profitable growth of client relationships

Sales Performance Metre

The Sales Performance Meter is a free online survey designed for a single individual to answer a set of questions from the MHI Sales Best Practices Study. Respondents automatically receive a report on areas of focus based on their responses.

The Sales Performance Meter:

  • Quickly benchmarks an individual’s response against a select question set from the MHI Sales Best Practices Study.
  • Provides a view of how the respondent’s perception of their team aligns to performance of All Global Respondents and World Class
  • Creates a foundation for a conversation about where the respondent views their organization, helps you lead conversation in areas in which they could focus, areas MHI Global can help.

To undertake the survey, please click here