Small Business Sales Success

Competitive Advantage, And Why Your Business Must Find It

Through our many years of working with small business (SMEs) on their profitability and long term sustainability, we have identified five key points in building competitive advantage in your business that we will draw out through the consulting process. Our sales strategy, structure and discipline programme for small business is specifically designed to identify and draw out your competitive advantage, build a strong sales funnel and develop the internal capabilities that sustain performance.

Competitive advantage is so essential for small to medium enterprises. It is the reason that their customers would come to them over the large enterprises, and it is their intellectual property, or IP. The problem that many small business face is in firstly identifying, but then capitalising on their competitive advantage, in order to elevate their sales and create a sustainable and growth business.

Hunt Consultants are specialists in helping small business identify and then unlock their competitive advantages. We have developed a comprehensive coaching practice that helps businesses establish a strong sales funnel and build the kind of internal capabilities and performance that small business need to retain focus on their competitive advantages.


What is a competitive advantage?

It is, in simple terms, something that your business offers that no other business does, or no other business does as well. This competitive advantage will help a client or customer resolve a challenge that they themselves are having – it is a solution for them, and profit for you. The profit comes because, as a competitive advantage is unique to your business, you’ll not be dragged into the same destructive price wars with your, often larger, competitors.

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