Capabilities – Sales Training


Companies use sales training for a variety of reasons ranging from subtle improvement to increased effectiveness to sales process, team and business transformation.

To create sustainable results, sales training has to align strategy with the changing needs of the business. A stronger focus on the frontline sales manager’s training requirements reinforces skills and competencies across the sales organisation. Contextual learning integrates selling and buying environments into all training programs. Developing the sales professionals’ adaptive competencies maximises the positive impact of training on performance in complex selling environments.

MHI Global sales training is internationally recognised, locally competitive and involves three levels of skills and methodologies:

1. Customer at the Core

Internationally acclaimed core programs involve the Blue, Green and Gold Sheets as methodologies to create & manage opportunities and manage relationships

Following acquisition of Huthwaite and Achieve Global SPIN Selling and Professional Selling Skills offer two further international standards in sales training.

Clients access leading skills and methodology sales training programs, as illustrated

2. Organisational Alignment and Execution

Enabling the organisation to make changes, be more effective and improve execution with customers and prospects are great opportunities to build competitive advantage. Our programs focus on:

  • Best people, best retention & development
  • Build organisational capability, including CRM adoption
  • Management execution, including team work and communication

3. Strategic Analysis and Decision Making

Companies face a range of issues that management are looking to fix, accomplish or avoid and they need decision to prioritise their investments. We provide tools and services to perform gap analysis and benchmarking that many organisations utilise in their strategic planning processes.

CSO Insights is an international leader in sales and related research that our client utilise to support their analysis and business planning processes.

Our sales training services involve specialist world leading programs in direct, channel and outbound sales markets by bringing together these leading firms into a single training and consulting business.


Making it Happen

The Results ReadyTM Platform is our organisational framework for the best Intellectual Property (IP) in the world that will deliver immediate improvement in sale results.

The Hunt Consultants team is the “glue that binds” sales training to business objectives and the short and long term business or organisational changes that clients are seeking to make happen through implementation of sales training.

The team at Hunt Consultants regularly work with clients to diagnose issues and build sales effectiveness strategies, including sales training programs.

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