Capabilities – Recent Projects

Client Engagement

An internal service team of a large retailer in Australia was experiencing difficulty in building senior level relationships across the organisation. The services involved were very technical and difficult to understand however the potential for significant cost blow-outs made it critical for these relationships to work.

We conducted structured interviews, completed needs analysis and replaced existing engagement processes with a key account management process. The account management process included multi-level relationships, simplified analytics and a Stewardship Process that enabled senior level executives to “cross the technical divide” and understand what was critical for them to management in their businesses.

Challenges in Sales & Service

A large national service provider recognised a range of performance issues and different approaches in each territory in which they operate.

We deployed leading sales and service methodologies which achieved consistently applied sales processes using a common language across all members of the sales and account management teams.

These methodologies enabled each salesperson’s performance where gaps were identified that were the very reasons for performance issues originally identified. The client also learned that there were gaps in client buyer relationships that represented some real vulnerabilities.

Managers were then coached in use of the methodologies in their teams. This coaching is being evolved to build a culture based on greater transparency and coaching that are valued by both the sales team, sales managers and the organisation.

ROI was > 400% in six months.

Talent Management

A mid-sized service organisation had employee engagement issues as well as competitive pressures both in terms of talent and clients.

We developed High Performance Role Benchmarks by assessing the client’s perceived top sales performers and completed assessments for all employees. Interestingly, a number of perceived top performers, once assessed, demonstrated some critical gaps in their results against High Performance Benchmarks. A number of team members were in the wrong jobs.

Coaching and training needs were identified with each manager receiving assistance with their current team composition and capabilities. These needs were subsequently fed into their ongoing performance management system.

As a result of the High Performance Benchmarks process, every team member received a JobFit assessment report which was supported by a range of talent planning, training and development processes. Employee engagement was considerably improved as a result of individualised development plans.

The organisation was able to structure its teams to deal with competitive issues both in terms of talent retention/development and new approaches to structure and competition in the market place.