Client Engagement Consultant

Hunt Consultants works with clients to attract, retain and grow client relationships. We use 40 years of consulting experience and operate to the five MHI Global core beliefs

Some examples of challenges we assist our clients include:

  • Consistently applied client engagement models
  • Building understanding of account management teams and managers understand their client’s business objectives
  • Assisting client’s identify and improve their value in a client relationship
  • Engagement with a client at multiple levels
  • Development of regional or global client engagement teams and strategies
  • Metrics to manage lead, not lag, indicators

Examples of Lead, compared to Lag indicators are provided in the following Table.

Lead Indicators Contribute to a Strong and Accountable Culture
Lead Indicators Lag indicators
Client Relationship Metrics Sales
90 Day Rolling Service Activities Market Share
Buyer V. Seller actions Historical Growth
Sales funnel Positions, Velocity & Accuracy Performance V Budget

The MHI Global Large Account Management Process has been used by thousands of organisations globally to understand and drive value is a client relationships. Hunt Consultants complete the analysis and develop strategy with our clients.

Transactional V Value

Decades of research have contributed to a common understanding in attributes of top performers in sales and account management, as illustrated:

The research identified four value drivers of top performers.

Depending on the level of engagement, high value client engagement is driven by a thorough understanding of:

  • Industry trends affecting your client’s business strategy
  • Issues, challenges and opportunities your client faces in achieving their business objectives
  • How the (unique) strengths of your firm can assist its clients leverage in the context of their external environments
  • Execution opportunities, strategies and best inter-firm collaboration

These factors can directly impact the value you can deliver to your clients.

Hunt Consultants and our business partners, assist clients manage inter-related issues to do with managing & developing talent, sales performance, teamwork and culture together with a focus on management capabilities and performance management, as illustrated by the MHI Global 2014 analysis of elements of a customer centric sales culture.