CPA Australia Report

The 2019-2020 Asia Pacific Small Business Study surveyed 4,193 businesses across the Asia Pacific region. The report outlines many aspects of the challenges being experienced by these SME companies including investments in technology, focus on the customer, innovation in products, services and processes, new (international) markets, social media marketing and better business strategy and management execution.
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What do high growth Small businesses do differently

These trends represents business investments to increase competitiveness and drive growth. They also represent opportunities for valued financial, accounting, structuring and taxation advice.


– Substantial new and existing client revenue growth opportunities as businesses navigate difficult business conditions, Government subsidies and opportunities for their businesses
– Enabling professional staff to look beyond a compliance focus to partnering with clients
– Differentiation of the firm and its capabilities
– Potential opportunities to reshape current business practices for greater efficiency and effectiveness for both the firm and its clients, including increased productivity through technology


– A shift from compliance tax focus for accounts to understanding a client’s business objectives and the issues, challenges and opportunities to achieve success
– The need to attract, engage and retain high performing talent
– The need for more senior client and prospect relationships to deliver value to business owners and the C-Suite
– The ability to engage with senior executives and business owners
– Superior internal communications, management and leadership
– Implementation of technology to create more efficiency and productivity
– The confidence and capacity for accountants to change and succeed – individually, as a team and across the firm

Partner Ready Program

The ultimate objective of our Partner Ready program is the consistent delivery of high quality partners who are equipped to lead and grow the firm and its brand.

We target three levels in the firm: Intermediate, Senior and Supervisor and deliver a personal development pathway relative to their position to achieve confidence and enthusiasm to grow as client facing business partners and leaders and contribute to the firm’s success.

Partner Ready Framework

We will work with you to establish organisational need relevant to your business objectives.

Developmental needs are established for the relevant roles and responsibilities of the professional staff, commencing with an individual assessment which can be based on a DISC tool or a more advanced Profiles International assessment.

Existing information and performance data are reviewed and current management systems understood to enable the best combination of coaching and training to be established.

Our Partner Ready program illustrated below blends business development, communication, presentation skills and leadership capabilities and can be delivered in one to three day programs or over a number of weeks, in person or live online. An example of a partner ready professional development journey is shown below, one for each of the professional levels of intermediate, senior and supervisor.

A personal development plan, aligned to the firm’s needs, objectives and financial results is agreed for every individual with coaching provided to the person or their manager for sustained results and return on investment.

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